Five Simple Steps To Take If You Are In An Accident

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If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in an auto or motorcycle accident, there are a few things you should always do.  Here are five simple, yet important, things to remember:

1.  CALL THE POLICE AND REPORT THE ACCIDENT.  This is a crucial first step.  The police will help document the accident and determine who is at fault, which will be crucial later if you need to pursue a claim for injuries.

2.  GET PICTURES OF THE DAMAGE TO BOTH VEHICLES.  This is another important step in documenting the significance of the accident.  Without pictures, an insurance adjuster may later try to minimize the severity of the impact and argue that it could not have caused your injuries.

3.  WITNESSES.  Find out if anyone saw the accident and get their contact information.

4.  SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION AFTER SPEAKING WITH THE POLICE.  After an accident, it is very common that people do not “feel” injured, even if they are.  The reason your injuries go unnoticed initially is adrenaline – your system is overloaded after an accident and it sometimes masks the pain.  Even if you do not feel hurt, you should get checked out at a hospital after the accident to make sure you have no serious internal or spinal injuries.

5.  CALL A LAWYER.  Do not try to handle an injury claim on your own.  It is a mistake to try, and insurance companies are hoping you do exactly that.  In fact, insurance companies will often tempt you to handle your own claim by offering you a small amount of money shortly after the accident – maybe a couple thousand dollars – to go away.  Unless you have no injuries at all, that is not enough money.  Often, injuries from an accident will get worse over time and the ramifications may last for years.  You are legally entitled not only to be compensated for your medical bills, but for all of the hardship and suffering that you have gone through in the process.  You are only able to achieve that level of compensation with a qualified attorney advocating for you.

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