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New Port Richey Car Accident Lawyers

Do You Need A New Port Richey Car Accident Lawyer?

Are you unsure if you need a car accident lawyer?  Keep in mind that, in any car accident claim, you will deal with an insurance company that hires a team of lawyers and insurance adjusters whose goal is to lessen claim payouts and maximize profits for the insurance company. These insurance companies do not care about you, they only care about saving money for themselves.  When in doubt, contact a New Port Richey car accident lawyer who will give you an initial consultation at no cost.

How Can A New Port Richey Car Accident Lawyer Help You?

Experienced car accident lawyers are, first and foremost, your personal representation in a car accident claim. The lawyer’s goal is to maximize the compensation to which you are legally entitled. Insurance companies are not on your side.  An experienced New Port Richey car accident lawyer will guide you through the claims process and advise you how what to do for your claim, and what not to do for your claim.  For example, an experienced Tampa car accident lawyer will advise you not to speak with an insurance adjuster on your own, even if it’s a friendly conversation. Engaging in what you think is a harmless conversation with an insurance adjuster can be very harmful for your claim.  If an insurance adjuster asks how you are feeling and you reply, “I am feeling good,” this statement can potentially be used against you during the claims process.  It is best to let your Tampa car accident lawyer handle all communications with the insurance company.

Should You Accept A New Port Richey Car Accident Settlement?

An insurance company may offer you an early settlement for your New Port Richey car accident. To many injured victims, this may seem like a great thing at first blush — getting paid with no hassle and not lawyer involved.  However, this could be a big trap.  If you have not car accident lawyer helping you through the process, an insurance company will seek to minimize their exposure and offer you a minimal payout to make you go away to avoid the risk of a larger payout in the future.  Be forewarned, a settlement generally excludes an injured victim from seeking any further damages.  If you have no legal representation and have been offered a settlement by an insurance company, you should seek the opinion of an experienced New Port Richey car accident lawyer.

How Much Does A New Port Richey Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Generally speaking, car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee, meaning their compensation is a designated percentage of the amount of total damages you receive.  You do not have to pay anything until there is a settlement and/or judgment entered in your favor.  However, a consultation with our New Port Richey car accident lawyers is free.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Rights Following A New Port Richey Car Accident

Never leave the scene of a New Port Richey car accident until the police arrive and let you know it is ok to leave.  If a police report is not done, it usually ends up as your word against the other driver’s word as to who is at fault, so it is very important to ensure that a police officer is called to the scene.  The police report is typically not available until 7-10 days following the car accident, but the officer will provide you with a driver’s exchange of information that will have the identity of the other driver and the other driver’s insurance information.  If it is safe to do so, you should take pictures or videos of the accident scene, including pictures of each vehicle.  Never post these pictures online or social media because that may hurt your case moving forward.  After the officer has arrived and done his/her investigation, you should seek proper medical attention – both to make sure your health is ok, and to also document your injuries.  Your New Port Richey car accident lawyer can walk you through all these steps and more.

Contact The New Port Richey Car Accident Lawyers At Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident And Insurance Lawyers

If you were in a New Port Richey car accident, contact the attorneys at Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance Lawyers.  Our car accident lawyers can use their years of experience to help you get the compensation you’re entitled to under the law, and we’re ready to fight for you now.

Why Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance Lawyers?

Our car accident lawyers have years of experience representing victims of car accidents.  Paul Fowkes and Ryan Hasanbasic have served as lead counsel on thousands of serious injury lawsuits across the State of Florida. Mr. Fowkes and Mr. Hasanbasic are lifetime members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum for results they have obtained.  Mr. Fowkes and Mr. Hasanbasic have also been named a Florida Super lawyer and Florida Legal Elite on multiple occasions.

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