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An accident involving a company vehicle changes the dynamic of insurance negotiations and lawsuits in the Florida courts. Both the business and the driver who ran into you may be parties, as well a third party, like the auto manufacturer. If you were injured while driving your company’s vehicle, you must consider how your workers’ compensation benefits affect your rights.

Accident In Company Car Can Affect Personal Insurance?

Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance Lawyers is dedicated to car, truck and motorcycle accident recovery. Our company vehicle accident lawyers assist employees who have been injured in car crashes while on the job and people injured by at-fault company employees. Our team handles cases involving delivery vans, tractor-trailers, taxis and company cars.

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Accident In Company Car Can Affect Personal Insurance?

Respondeat Superior

Businesses tend to have higher caps on their auto insurance than do individual subscribers, as well as more valuable assets. You, thus, are in a better position to recoup your full damages by proving the company was responsible for the person driving a company vehicle.

Car Accident At Work – Injury Recovery

Driving Personal Car For Work Accident

Respondeat superior is a legal doctrine that holds employers responsible for the actions of their employees who are acting within the scope of employment. The common law name for respondeat superior, master-servant rule, accurately describes the concept. An employer-employee relationship forms the basis of the doctrine. So, respondeat superior would not typically extend to an independent contractor, a vendor, a client or a family member of an employee.

In addition, the injury must occur during the course of employment to trigger respondeat superior. For example, a delivery person driving the company truck would be considered acting within the scope of his or her job, as would a real estate agent showing homes, a sales person travelling between appointments, a security guard patrolling a campus or a taxi driver dropping off a fare. If one of these employees drove the company vehicle to a bar after work, took the family on a holiday or otherwise engaged in personal, non-authorized activities, respondeat superior might not apply.

Our attorneys pursue the business for the negligence of its employee. In gray area cases, we investigate company policies for evidence of fault. For instance, we may be able to prove scope of employment if the company policies allowed employees to use the company vehicles while off-duty or if the policies encouraged cell phone use while driving.

Workers Comp Car Accident

Florida Workers Comp Car Accident Lawyers - TampaWorkers’ Compensation Considerations

Whether your employer provided you with a vehicle or you are required to use your own, your company is responsible for injuries you sustain while performing job-related tasks. You may be covered under worker’s compensation laws, which may require your employer’s insurance company to pay your medical bills and lost wages without delays.

Workers’ Comp Car Accident Settlement

However, the worker’s compensation statutes may also limit the amount of your recovery, except under specific circumstances. Our firm investigates whether you also have a third-party claim in addition to your worker’s compensation benefits. We sue the at-fault driver or other party for damages above what you are paid through the worker’s compensation program.

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