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Drunk driving is a scourge on our nation’s highways. Approximately 28 percent of all traffic deaths in Florida involve an intoxicated driver. In total, that comes to 676 preventable deaths per year. Additionally, thousands more people are injured by drunk drivers.

Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance LawyersFlorida Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers is a law firm in Trinity that focuses exclusively on insurance and civil litigation recovery. We help victims who have been injured in automobile accidents recover compensation from their insurance companies and the at-fault driver. Having worked for insurance companies in the past, our attorneys know the common tactics they employ and so we are in the unique position to prepare our responses before the insurance agent acts.

You were the innocent victim of a drunk driver. You should not now have to battle your insurance company, nor the person who injured you. Rest assured that you have local, experienced lawyers on your side, ready to fight for the damages you are entitled to.

How to Sue A Drunk Driver

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The state of Florida is responsible for prosecuting the drunk driver for DUI. To win a conviction, the state must meet the high standard of proving that the driver was drunk beyond a reasonable doubt. You may also bring a personal injury claim against the drunk driver.

As part of a plea deal or during the sentencing stage of the DUI trial, the judge might order reparations to the victims. However, the criminal judgment amount is rarely enough to adequately compensate the victims. For this reason, we recommend pursuing your rights in civil court.

Our drunk driving accident attorneys have access to the evidence collected by police officers and presented by the state attorney. We review police records, witness testimony, dash-cam videos, field sobriety tests results and breathalyzer results to prove the drunk driver caused your injuries.

The accumulation of this evidence forms a strong basis for your civil complaint and for our arguments to your insurance company to recover the full amount of your policy coverage.

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We can help you reach justice against the drunk driver who injured you or your loved one. Your case evaluation is free and we handle your claim on contingency, meaning you do not pay us attorneys’ fees until we recover damages for you. We always return your call within 24 hours.

Our main office is located in Trinity, FL (Pasco County), but we handle cases throughout the Tampa Bay area and all of Florida.

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