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Insurance Recovery for Florida and Out-of-State Claims

Getting into an accident while on a holiday is upsetting. You may be far from home and have to obtain treatment from unfamiliar doctors in an unfamiliar hospital. Your rental car company may be more concerned about its losses than about your injuries. Then, comes the hassle of receiving timely compensation, whether from your own insurance policy or that held by the rental car company.

The fact that the car belongs to a rental company and may be located in another city complicates the process. However, Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance Lawyers has the experience to help you process your claim efficiently and to recover your rightful compensation. Our rental car accident lawyers worked in the insurance defense sector before opening our plaintiffs personal injury law firm. We understand the tactics insurance companies use to delay and reduce payments to injured vehicle occupants. We take decisive steps to recover from your policy, the rental company’s policy and the insurance of an at-fault driver.

Auto Rental Company Insurance

For a few added dollars per day, your rental company offers car insurance that covers you in case of a collision. If you do not have an auto insurance policy, the rental policy provides you important coverage so you can legally drive. If you own a car, you already have an auto insurance policy that may adequately cover your damages.

florida rental car accident lawyerYou should check with your insurance company, however, to be sure you are covered while driving the rental car, especially if you are renting and driving the car in an out-of-state location. Your company may even offer a rider that you can add on to your current coverage.

Also, you may be tempted to let a family member or friend take the wheel. Make sure another driver is covered under the policy. Many auto insurance policies do not cover other drivers out-of-state and the rental car policy typically only covers those drivers listed in the agreement.

Evidence in a Rental Car Crash

A primary challenge in dealing with rental car crashes is the collection of evidence because the car belongs to the company and because you may have suffered injuries in a distant location from your home.

Our firm initiates an immediate investigation of the claim so we can gather crucial evidence in support of your case. Our investigation may include inspecting the car before the company makes repairs. We also may subpoena records about the repair and accident history of the car to determine whether the insurance company failed to properly maintain the car.

Consult with Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance Lawyers for Recovery After a Rental Car Crash

Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance Lawyers is based in Pasco County and represents injured auto occupants. Your case evaluation is free and your claim is handled on a contingency fee basis, so you do not pay attorneys’ fees unless we recover damages through a settlement or verdict award. Our 24-hour call return policy gives you timely access to your lawyer whenever you have a question or want a case status update.

Our main office is located in Trinity, FL (Pasco County), but we handle cases throughout the Tampa Bay area and all of Florida.

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