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Pursuing Compensation After a Serious Bike Wreck

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You were wearing motorcycle protective gear, obeying the law and riding defensively. Unfortunately, your responsibility may not be enough to prevent a serious motorcycle crash when motorists recklessly switch lanes or veer into your path. You have the right to be on the road and motorists have a responsibility to you to drive with care. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you also have the right to compensation for your injuries and damage to your bike from the at-fault driver and insurance companies.

Tampa Motorcycle Injury Attorneys

Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance Lawyers represents Florida bikers who have been injured by careless motorists. Our Trinity motorcycle accident attorneys often encounter the scenario whereby a motorist switches lanes or inexplicably drifts over the divider line.

We are your local and experienced trial lawyers, ready to take on the most challenging motorcycle accident claims to help you recover, both financially and physically.

Failure to Yield

Many motorists do not respect motorcyclists or understand the dangers they create by failing to yield. Motorists often switch lanes without looking or misjudge where the biker is in the adjoining lane. Distracted, drunk and reckless drivers are prone to lane drift, in which they unintentionally veer over the divider line.

A car can typically absorb the motion of steering out of the way of an encroaching vehicle. Safeguards, such as seat belts, airbags and crash-mitigation body design, protect the motorist who is unable to avoid a collision.

A bike, on the other hand, may spin out of control or tip over if the rider is forced to make an erratic steering move. As a result, the motorcyclist has a high likelihood of severe or fatal injuries.

Blind Spot Excuse

“Blind spot” is no excuse for failing to yield to a motorcyclist. Yet, “She was in my blind spot,” is the common refrain from a driver who switches lanes in front of or into a motorcyclist, as though the motorcyclist is at fault for legally using the roadway.

Before changing lanes a motorist is responsible for looking to be sure the adjacent lane is clear of all vehicles. All cars come equipped with side and rear-view mirrors and some newer vehicles have electronic technology, such as sensors, cameras and screens. But, these tools are no substitute for the eyes, ears and common sense of the motorist.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers pose the greatest risk of lane drift. With eyes buried in mobile devices, heads turned toward passengers or hands grabbing an item, distracted motorists steer their vehicles off-course. For every accident that results from distracted driving, many more near misses are avoided because nobody was in the next lane or the motorcyclist acted defensively.

Our law firm analyzes evidence for signs of common motorists’ distractions that contribute to lane drift, including using the cell phone, texting, reading directions, grooming, disciplining children, reaching for an item and eating.

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