Head-on Collision Trucking Accidents

Representing Victims of Serious Big-Rig Collisions

Head-on collisions account for only about three percent of all accidents, but have a higher rate of death than any other type of accident. When the accident involves an 18-wheeler, car occupants have little chance of surviving without debilitating injuries.

Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance Lawyers prides itself on handling complex car, truck, and motorcycle accident cases. Our lawyers have dedicated our careers to auto accident trial, first defending insurance companies and then feeling compelled to help injury victims. We investigate head-on collision claims to determine what happened and who is responsible. We then pursue the driver, the trucking company, the insurance providers and, in some cases, the government agency that failed to maintain safe roadways.

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Why Head-on Collisions Are Often Fatal

Head-on collisions tend to be catastrophic because of the physics involved in front-end crashes, especially when a large heavy semi runs into a small, light car. When a motorist hits an object, the car stops and the body keeps travelling at the speed the occupant was moving before coming to a stop. A head-on collision exacerbates the dangerous forward motion. When the head-on crash is against a semi, the total speed is increased as the truck pushes the car forward before coming to a rest. In addition, an 18-wheeler may drive over and crush the car.

Driver Errors that Contribute to Wrong Way Crashes

tampa florida truck accident attorneyLong-haul drivers spend hours or days away from home. They often work under tight deadlines and may be pressured to speed, forgo sleep, take stimulants or remain in touch with employers through text and phone. Truck drivers are responsible for such head-on collision risks as:

  • Driver distraction — A driver who is texting or talking on the phone may take his or her eyes off the road just long enough to drift into the opposite travelling lane.
  • Drugs and alcohol — A drunk or drugged driver’s coordination and judgment are compromised, increasing the chances of swerving between lanes or entering a highway in the wrong direction.
  • Sleeplessness — A tired driver may fall asleep at the wheel or have slower reaction to danger.
  • Illegal passing — A motorist who passes on a two-lane highway at a curve or illegal passing area may not see a car coming until too late.

Factors in Lane Crossing and Wrong Way Accidents

Head-on collisions occur when a driver travels the wrong way or drifts into the opposite lane. Approximately 75 percent of head-on accidents happen on rural roads and on undivided two-lane roads, circumstances that are common in Pasco County.

Head-on accidents are almost always avoidable by introducing basic improvements to two-way roads, including:

  • Rumble strips along the shoulders and in between lanes
  • Wider lanes, shoulders and median barriers
  • Buffer median that can absorb crash and keep car from entering opposing moving lane
  • Better signage alerts drivers who are travelling in the wrong direction

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