Jackknife Truck Accident

Protecting the Rights of Tractor-Trailer Accident Victims

The tail end of a long vehicle, such as a tractor-trailer or a bus, can swing wide and hit a motorist or pedestrian in its path. The tractor-trailer carries the additional risk of jackknifing. For this reason, drivers need special training and trucking companies should adopt the latest technology to keep the vehicle under control. Unfortunately, distracted and inexperienced drivers often fail to control the back of their vehicles and trucking companies often put profit ahead of safety.

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Physics of Trailer Swing and Jackknife

A jackknife is a knife with a folding blade and perfectly describes what happens when a truck’s trailer swings out of control, causing the tractor and trailer to fold in toward each other like a jackknife. This action is a result of the articulated design of the tractor-trailer, coupled with the weight and length of the vehicle. Often, jackknifing occurs when the tractor skids and spins around to face the back of the truck.

tampa 18 wheeler accident attorneysA trailer swing occurs when the tractor is moving forward and the trailer swings outward. An experienced driver should be able to regain control of the trailer on wide roads in which motorists are not driving along side of the truck. However, the trailer can slam into a passing car. On narrow roads, the trailer may fall into a ditch or hit an obstacle in its path. In residential and commercial districts, the trailer may run over a sidewalk and put pedestrians in harm’s way.

Contributing Factors to Jackknife

Jackknifing can be avoided if drivers and trucking companies take precautions and government agencies make important improvements to roadways. Preventable factors that contribute to truck jackknifing include:

  • Speed limit — A speed limit of more than 55 mph increases the odds of jackknifing.
  • Road configuration — A driver is more likely to lose control of the tractor on curvy roads.
  • Weight of the truck — Heavier weight of truck and cargo decreases incidents of jackknifing, but rollover risks increase.
  • Length of the truck — As the length of the truck increases so does the odds of jackknifing, but the odds of rollover decrease.
  • Driver training — Experienced drivers know how to correct a skidding tractor and to calculate the room needed to safely maneuver for the backend of the trailer.

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