T-Bone Trucking Accidents

Recovery for Intersection Tractor-Trailer Crashes

Intersections can create a dangerous situation with automobiles crossing paths at high rates of speed. A driver who runs a stop sign or a traffic light puts other motorists at risk of a T-bone collision. When that driver is a commercial vehicle, the results are often catastrophic.

Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance Lawyers has extensive experience handling 18-wheeler trucking accidents. Our lawyers started their careers in insurance defense before deciding to dedicate their experience and skills to protect the rights of individuals. Our background gives us an edge as we build your legal case. We understand the defense’s tactics and take anticipatory steps to counter their arguments for limiting or denying you compensation.

Our T-bone trucking accidents attorneys are here to help you recover. We demand the driver, the trucking company and the insurance agencies treat you with dignity and fairness and pay you the money you are entitled to after an accident.

What Happens During a T-Bone Accident

Sometimes referred to as broadsiding, a T-bone accident happens when one vehicle runs into or swipes the side of another. The accident occurs in stages that could result in serious injuries.

First, the impact can cause the side panel of the car to collapse inward into the cabin. The occupant sitting on the side of the car that was hit is especially vulnerable. Airbags can help soften the blow, but many cars are not equipped with side airbags. No matter where the occupants were sitting, the body gets tossed violently. As a result, you may have injured your spinal cord or suffered soft tissue injuries in your back and neck.

Second, the T-boning truck may push the car into traffic or off the side of the road, or the truck can pin the car against a tree or signpost. A speeding or heavyweight truck can send a car flying and inflict tremendous damage.

Common Causes of T-Bone Crashes

tampa 18 wheeler accident attorneysT-bone accidents should never happen. Usually, the driver committed an error or the trucking company was negligent. Common causes of T-bone crashes include:

  • An intersection was inadequately marked or traffic signal was broken
  • Truck driver ran a red light or a stop sign
  • Driver was distracted while passing through the intersection
  • Driver was texting or talking on the phone while operating the truck
  • Driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driver was tired or nodded off
  • Brakes on truck failed

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