Truck Rollover

Truck Rollovers Can Be Deadly

Rollovers of tractor-trailers are surprisingly common. In this case, you may need a Tampa 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney.

When a large truck flips, the driver is at risk of serious injuries or death. Also, an out of control truck plows through whatever is in its path, including motorists that happen to be nearby. If the truck is carrying hazardous materials, the public is placed at further risk of toxic spills, fire or explosion.

Just because rollover accidents are common does not mean they are inevitable. These serious crashes are usually tied to driver error, trucking company negligence or the government’s poor design and maintenance of roadways.

Fowkes & Hasanbasic, Accident and Insurance Lawyers has substantial experience investigating rollover wrecks. We understand the science behind these types of tractor-trailer crashes and have the ability to build a solid case for damages.

Our Trinity rollover accidents attorneys aggressively investigate the accident to determine what happened and who is responsible. We hold the driver, trucking corporation or government agency responsible for causing the crash.

Causes of Rollovers

Approximately nine percent of large truck wrecks involve rollovers. An 18-wheeler’s top-heavy design makes it particularly prone to rollover accidents. The high center of gravity adds momentum to an off-balance truck. Therefore, if the driver makes a sudden steering correction, takes a turn too quickly or encounters an obstacle, the truck has a good chance of tipping over. Add excessive weight or an unbalanced load, and the truck driver may not be able to recover control of the vehicle.

rolled over 18 wheelerThese errors cause almost half of all rollover truck crashes:

  • The driver did not adjust speed upon approach of a curve
  • The driver entered an on or off ramp at too high a speed
  • The truck was overloaded or the load was unsecured or uneven
  • The trucking company did not maintain the brakes
  • The road surface was poorly maintained
  • The intersection was improperly designed

Driver Distraction, Exhaustion and Speeding

The truck driver’s inattentiveness or exhaustion often contributes to rollover crashes because of overcorrection when the driver suddenly “wakes up.” A driver who is tired may begin to drift after nodding off at the wheel. Upon waking and realizing he is in danger of crashing, the driver may try to steer the truck back on course and overcorrect.

Distracted drivers are also in danger of overcorrecting. A texting driver may veer out of his lane when he takes his eyes off the road, then suddenly attempt to avoid a crash by jerking the wheel.

In addition, a driver who speeds on a curvy road or a highway overpass can tip over. Truck drivers may need to decelerate to below the posted speed limit to maneuver a turn safely. Drivers who are unfamiliar with Pasco County roads may not be aware of the location and angle of these dangerous curves.

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